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Daily Menu


Our breakfasts are tasty, filling and served until 3pm.

Fresh Assorted Bagels $1.50

Butter or Peanut Butter $1.75 w/ Cream Cheese $2.00

Muffins Baked on Premises

Cranberry Orange, French Toast, Pistachio

Blueberry, Corn $3.00

Pastries and Breads

We serve a variety of pastries and breads baked fresh every morning

by NYC*s renowned "Balthazar Bakery"

Breakfast Sandwiches $4

Two eggs cooked to order on your choice of

Bagel, Potato Baguette Wheat or Multi Grain

Toast, Croissant $4.50 or on Our

Mouth Watering Huge Homemade

Buttermilk Biscuit $2.50

Made fresh everyday!

add Cheese $.50 add Turkey Bacon or

Chicken Sausage for $2.00

 Be creative and

“Build a Biscuit"

Using any of our fresh ingredients

 Tuna or Curry Chicken salad "Fried Chicken off the bone", Grilled Chicken, Honey smoked Turkey etc…

Steel Cut Oatmeal

With Raisins and Brown Sugar $3.50/$4.50

Served until 12pm

Southern Style Belgian Waffles

Waffles prepared with a Southern Flare $5.25

Add Strawberries or Bananas $1.00

Add Bananas Foster or Apple Foster   $2.00


Enjoy one of our light and fluffy Omelets $6.50

Egg White Omelet $7.50

Vegetable Omelet: made with fresh seasonal veggies 

Chicken Florentine: Spinach Grilled Chicken or Chicken Sausage & Cheese

 Turkey Lorraine: Turkey Bacon, Cheese, Onions & Peppers

Or create your own with these ingredients

Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms, Spinach, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes,

Garlic or Broccoli



Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

Diced Roasted Chicken prepared with Curry, Mayo, Raisins,

Apricots, and Organic Greens, Dressed with Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette Panini Pressed on a Potato Onion Baguette. $6.75                                                                


 Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Breast with Crisp Romaine Heart Lettuce

tossed with Shredded Red Cabbage, Caesar dressing and fresh Parmesan Cheese on a Panini Pressed  Potato Onion  Baguette $6.75



Roasted Smoked Turkey Melted with your choice of

 Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella or Smoked Gouda Cheese on a

 Panini Pressed Potato Onion Baguette $6.75


Italian Turkey or Chicken Melt

Roasted Smoked Turkey or Grilled Chicken breast,

 Sun dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Pesto Sauce on a

Panini Pressed Potato Onion Baguette $6.75


 Tuna Melt

 Tuna with Fresh Celery, Shredded Carrots in a Seasoned

Mayonnaise dressing with your choice of Melted Cheddar,

Swiss, Mozzarella or Smoked Gouda served on a

 Panini Pressed Potato Onion Baguette $6.75


Grilled Vegetable Panini

Seasonal Grilled Vegetables tossed with olive oil on a

 Panini Pressed Potato Onion Baguette $6.75


Vegetable Quiche: made with fresh seasonal veggies

Chicken Florentine: Spinach Grilled Chicken & Cheese

 Turkey Lorraine: Turkey Bacon Cheese, Onions & Peppers

 $5 each add a side salad for an additional $2


All Sandwiches are served with Potato Chips.
 The Potato Onion Baguette

 Can be substituted by another one of our fresh bread selections




  Soups & Salads


Please check our Daily menu board for

 Our Featured soups of the Day $4.50/ $5.50

Organic Mesclun Green, Romaine or Spinach Salad

Choose your ingredients and we’ll toss it! $5.75    

Add your choice of Grilled Chicken, Tuna or

Curry Chicken for an additional $2.00


All Desserts are baked on premises daily

Decadent Cookies $2.00

Sugar, Oatmeal

Reese*s Peanut Butter Triple Chocolate Chip


Bread Pudding $3.00

Our Delicious Bread Pudding is prepared with

Balthazar Pastries Each batch is one of a kind

(Could contain nuts)


Cake Recipes are supplied by Our Parent Company

 "Cake Bliss"

$4.00 a slice

Coconut Pound $3.00

Vegan Double Chocolate Bliss

( Super Moist & Super Delish! )

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

(Bananas, Coconut, Pineapple Pecans and even more!)

            Cucumber Coconut Green Velvet *

(We simply call it WoW!)

Valentino Red Velvet



All cake flavors are also available in

Cupcakes & Parfait cups

$2.50              $3.00





Coffee and Espresso based Drinks

We serve authentic Italian Coffee supplied by Danesi

 Coffee $2/$2.50  Americano $2.50/$3

 Espresso $2/ $2.50    Macchiato $2.50/$3

Latte $3/$4 Cappuccino $3/$4

 Mocha $3.50/$4  Chai Latte $3/$4

Add an extra shot of espresso or flavored syrup to your drink

 for $.50 Have your Drink Iced $.50

Soy substitution an additional $.50

We have a variety of Syrup flavors:

 Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Coconut, Butterscotch

 to name a few

Hot Chocolate Ganache

We melt and mix Chocolate with

 Danesi's Premium Coco blend and combine

 it with your milk choice...It's Smooth, Creamy & Yummy!

$3.00/$4.00 add .50 for Soy


 Novus Teas

A New Dimension in Tea

We offer a variety of whole Leaf High Quality Teas 

Tea for “The Tea Drinker" $1.50/$2.00


  Our Signature Drinks

                 "Cucumber Lemonade"

(Recipe crafted in *Homage* to Ms. Dahlia by her Niece)

A refreshing blend of Cucumbers, Lemons and

Our secret ingredients

It tastes like Summer time!


Also Try Our

“Pineapple Lemonade”

(Seasonal flavor)


“Sweet Ginger Iced Tea”

It’s Sweet and Spicy! Enjoy it Hot or Cold






Juicing for Life

Fresh Juice made to Order   $5 / $6

Cold Buster

Carrots Beets Cucumber Spinach

Headache Cure

Carrots Beets Cucumber

Hangover Killer

Carrots Lemons Apples

Muscle Fuel

Carrots Beets Celery Apples

Clean Sweep

Beets Apples Cucumbers Celery Lemons

Miracle Juice

Carrots Beets Apples

We Welcome You to create your own Combination

With any fresh juicing fruit or vegetable

We have on hand


$5 / $6

Very Berry

Banana Berry

Peanut butter & Banana

Retail Fridge

Honest Tea $2.50

Sparkling fruit Beverage $2.00

Organic Orange Juice $3.00

Alkaline Water $3.00

Poland Springs Water $1.00

Sparkling Water $2.00

Zico Coconut Water $2.00

Vita Coconut Water $2.00

Yogurt parfaits $5.00

Grab & Go Salad $5.00

Grab & Go Sandwich of the Day $6.00

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